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Our Most Anticipated Games of 2018

Our Most Anticipated Games of 2018

Check out our most anticipated games of 2018. There are many indie re-releases for the Switch which would usually get a look in, but the list below is reserved for new IP, total revamps or sequels!
Level Up's Top Games of 2017

Level Up's Top Games of 2017

This year has been packed with fantastic games on all formats, some even going as far as to say its the best year yet for games. I found it next to impossible to pick ten so I have just listed my general fave games this year.
minecraft started out as a true indie game

The Rise and Rise of Indie Development

I don’t know when it happened, but at some point there was a paradigm shift in the video game industry. Retro is cool, it’s always been cool and its sickly sweet nostalgic haze has been cast over my beloved pastime. But what does it mean to be truly independent?
kid chameleon sega mega drive box art

Kid Chameleon - A Retrospective

The front cover of Kid Chameleon has really stuck with me, I believe it’s one of the best of the Mega Drive era. It’s not particularly original, it’s got the obligatory pseudo realism that afflicted many video game covers at the time, but it has been forever etched in my memory. 
video game consoles through the ages

The Cost of Gaming Through The Ages

If, like me, you are a bit of a technophile, you will want every bit of new tech as soon as humanly possible, regardless of what it is, you would probably sell an organ for it. The newest smart phone, the latest television, and of course the next iteration of video game consoles.